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About WebsByCS

[In 1995, Compucat Software was among the first to internally build and then use a website not only to feature our products but also to listen to our customers and provide world class customer service. The website used server side programming and soon we were building these types of websites for other businesses. This offshoot became WebsByCS. Along the way we were approached by Beauty Pageant owners who wanted a different type of Internet presence. The websites we built were highly interactive and grew into multimedia powerhouses. Montana USA grew from 3 contestants vying for Miss Montana USA and 8 vying for Miss Montana Teen USA to triple digit contestants in 2 years (1999-2001). By 2001 the trend went to heavy multimedia content and we jumped in with both feet. In 2002 we had built and were webmastering three National Level Beauty Pageant Websites (Mrs. United States, Ms. United States, and Miss Teen United States). At the state level we had built and were web mastering Montana USA, Colorado USA and a few state and local level pageants from other systems. WebsByCS (WebsByCS.Com) became the home to our website design, server side programming, and web mastering services. Business sites (with or without e-commerce facilities and customer support) can be fast loading, efficient,fun for the visitor and a breeze to maintain.